At we pride ourselves in offering the latest trendy collection of exceptional lingerie. We continuously address the women needs, when it comes to finding the perfect bra fit. We commit to providing the best design solutions for every woman and keeping this in mind, we want to furnish a stress-free experience to choose the perfect bra for every occasion.

Find the perfect bra fit is necessary to feel comfortable and supported. Besides it creates a lovely cleavage, a good fitting bra means:

  • Better Posture
  • Relief for the back
  • Comfort with no pinching or pain

Our fitting guidelines help you to find the perfect fit and decide the right bra size.

How to decide the right bra size?

Measures for women there are three factors that you have to take into account when deciding bra fit sizes for women, underbust width, bust circumference and style that fits that equation. To measure bra size, you will require a measuring tape and your best fitting bra.

  • Stand straight and breathe calmly
  • Use a measuring tape
  • Measure the underbust width with a measuring tape
  • Measurement has to be taken below the bust, quite tightly but comfortable enough to allow you to breathe normally.
  • You can read the measurement from the tape, round up or down if requires to the nearest multiple of five. i.e. 75, 80, 85 etc.
  • For the cup size measure the bust circumference.
  • The measurement should be taken on the widest part of the bust with a fairly loose measuring tape, in order not to deform or squeeze the breasts.
  • Ensure measuring tape at the same height across the bust as your back
  • Read the measurement from the tape.

Your new bra fits perfectly if it suits you like a second skin without pinching or pain.

How to determine the perfect bra fit?

The perfectly fit bra makes you feel like a goddess. The bras are comfortable when there is no pinching or pain, it supports you weightlessly and creates a feminine feature. You will love wearing it. As per the surveys and studies, most women tend to wear the wrong bra type or, more often than not the wrong bra size. The guide helps you through the process, we have compiled the key points which shows that a bra fit perfectly. It is suggested to check the fit of the bras in your lingerie drawer according to them.

  1. Band Size Measurement

Pull the tape to measure around your chest, just below underarms. The tape measure needs to be firm against your body, but it should not squeeze you. This measurement is your band size. Round up to the next whole number if you get an odd number.

  1. Bust Size Measurement

You need to measure loosely around the fullest part of your bustline.

  1. Cup Size

You need to subtract your band measurement from bust measurement, which will give you your cup size. You can find the right number on this bra size chart.

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