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Largest Collection of Women’s Innerwear - Happy to wear

31 May 2017
Largest Collection of Women’s Innerwear - Happy to wear
Innerwear one of the largest collection of lingerie store online, provide you with the most lovely, indulgent, and competitive price lingerie that add a unique style and additional comfort to your innerwear collection. It gives a feeling of dressing up spectacularly underneath. Whether you are after bigger selection, something more niche or you are just fed up with never being able to find your size on the high street, here you will find everything from everyday essentials to something a little sexier, ultra comfortable, erotic essentials, with every size, style and shape More and more of us are turning to the internet to buy our innerwear in this technologically advanced arena. It quite weird for women to hunt for high-quality undergarments at an affordable price on high street. It gives feel good factor to the customers as our online services are impressive. The customers are paying for quality craftsmanship and inimitable design, one of the most iconic lingerie brand synonymous with sophistication and comfort. Our wide range of collections includes bras, panties, nightwear, accessories and much more.

Bra Collection:

Bras are like friends, the good ones never leave you hanging, and they help you hold it Together, Even when things are falling apart! Our bras come in a gorgeous range of colors, shapes, design and sizes that fit for women, girls and teens. They are designed with the latest trends and hottest look in mind. Our wide range of collections is thin cup bras, sexy push-up lace bralette, Embroidery lace, floral thin cup bras, Halter bras, sexy transparent lace bras, Embroidery bras, wedding lace bras, sexy bras set, beauty back butterfly lace gathered bras.

Innerwear lingerie Collection:

offers today’s modern women a contemporary, yet feminine lingerie design. Our collection combines quality, style using the latest fabrics and finishes in intimate apparel. The lingerie are designed to embrace all women’s body, shapes and sizes. Our bras offer fun wear, style that support and enhance her curves.

Panties Collections:

Innerwear panties offer women comfortable option to look their best in any outfit, high quality bottoms available in varied shapes, sizes, colors at affordable prices. Our seamless, classy, ultra soft panties collection gives absolute comfort. We desire that every woman who wears our panties feel empowered and confident. Our wide collection of panties are pentagram harness peek a boo cage thong back panties, sexy panties, embroidery hollow out see through lace panties, Halter bralettes soft panties set, panties plunge underwear set.

Nightwear Collection:

Discover the sultry, seductive, glamorous, nightwear collection, comprises of almost everything that one might need to indulge in complete peace and relaxation all through the night. Our night wear collection ensures a blissful night sleep. Treat yourself to some new cosy nightwear collection with relaxed, refined shapes, and exclusive designs featuring exquisite camis, slips, sexy night gowns, sleep coat, superior casual nightwear, silk lace floral braded robe sleep wear, lace nightgown spaghetti strap belt, Smooth satin night gown and many more. Our super flattering sleep wear is made for the dreamy nights.

Accessories Collection:

We have wide range of erotic, sensuous, alluring collection of accessories. It comprises of bra straps, heart, hook, nipple, and push up accessories in varied design, shapes, colors. Our collection consists of bikinis swimsuit bra push up, bikini insert chest pad, nipple covers petals breast and sticker cross shape nipple cover, women Tassel heart, Silicone Triangle Bikini bras and much more.

How to Choose Shape wear Size and Style Choosing the right style for your hotspot.

The secret to look fashionably flawless comes down to what you’re wearing underneath your clothes. To get a sleek and sexy figure wear shape enhancing, comfortable undergarments, that provide outstanding support in versatile & stylish way. Before choosing a shape wear, please identify your trouble spot first, decide if you will need tummy control, waist definition or you wish to shape your torso, rear and thighs. The journey of choosing a right shape wear begins when you are positive that you would like to smooth all these trouble spots.

Trouble spots

Tummy: High waisted shape wear are advisable to smooth & trim the tummy area. Thigh: The thigh slimmers and slips are advised to choose to shape and control the thigh area. Bottom: Some shape wear have specific lines to control, shape and boost your bottom. Muffin Top: It is highly recommended for this trouble spot, it gives firm control.

Product Types:


Perfect for shaping several areas including tummy, back, waist, and bottom. We have wide variety of corsets ranged from everyday shaping, special occasion shaping to sexy shaping.


It is form fitting garment for women, it push up the bust by tightening against the upper midriff and forcing the breast up, while gently shapes the waist.

Shaper briefs:

Shaper briefs can lift and boost your bottom, flatten your tummy, and smooth your silhouette. It provide comfortable support for everyday wear. Our wide range of selection has suitable collection for every need.


A halter is a perfect match for backless dress.

The following tip can help you choose the right style shape wear.

  • Stick to your size, do not try to size down for extra firmness, it only causes bulges & discomfort. Try shape wear piece that fits best on you.
  • In order to keep cool, moisture absorption, breathability and odor control look for cotton.
  • Choose a full body suit for all over shaping.
  • Tone the legs using tights with built in shape wear.
  • Wear high waisted shorts and skirts to achieve a smooth line till the torso.
  • The bra will not slip down and for better levels of security, find the product that hook to the bra.
  • Body shapers are designed to keep your muscles in right place and to hold your spine perfectly straight. It help to improve your posture, will give strength and energy to do what you wish.

Worldwide Free shipping.

We offered free shipping to our valued customers to over 200 countries worldwide. Estimated delivery time for FREE International shipping is 10-20 business days. (Depending on your country) Our estimated shipping times do not include the time it might take to clear your customs agency, because customs procedures & protocols vary by country. Tracking is available on upgraded shipping option.

Why Are We Best

  • All Products at LOWER PRICE compared to competitors.
  • High Quality LINGERIES of Authentic brand.
  • World Class CUSTOMER SERVICE as we believe customer is a king, Customer Satisfaction is of PRIME importance to us.
  • SECURE PAYMENT SYSTEM, accept all types of credit cards like PayPal, Visa, Master, American Express etc.
  • Our brand stands for LUXURY and COMFORT at its finest.
  • DELIVERED WITH CARE, each product item is carefully checked before delivery.
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