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Sexy Santa Costumes - Dangerous Curves Ahead!

02 Dec 2019
Sexy Santa Costumes
Get ready for a Christmas festive feminine outfit in our hot collection of Sexy Santa Costumes. It’s a perfect time of year to laugh, attend parties, dress up, give Christmas present with one of our amazing ladies’ Christmas fancy dress costumes. We have a huge selection of sexy Santa costumes in stock that will give you the edge and bring plenty of joy to the holiday season! If you’re planning to be a naughty and nice miss Santa, Santa sweetie a Christmas Elf or even a cheek Christmas cowgirl then we have the sexy Santa fancy dress costume here for you. Purchase for your next Christmas party, from a white-hot frosty the snow vixen outfit to a fancy fur Santa. You can fulfill your fancy for Christmas hotties in one of our many costumes that include the Sexy Gingy costume, sugar plums costumes, Santa stocking with the secret Santa top.

Sexy Santa costumes to cuddle up around the Christmas fire and for some Holy Playfulness!

Naughty SantaWomen’s Sexy Santa costumes come with all the trimmings! You’ll find Sassy Mrs. Claus outfits in soft plush fabrics, crushed velvet and velveteen for a silky smooth finish, sparkly sequins to dazzle dasher and dancer for some cheeky metallic styles, ideal for belting out some Jingle Bell Rock! Sexy holiday costumes boast fluffy white plush and faux fur hems, or pretty feathers to add a magical touch. It comes in a plethora of styles, that is comfortable, relaxing and to indulge in eggnog. You can wear Sexy Santa Costumes as a gift-giving Christmas morning surprise, or bring a dessert to the table, instead of mince pies and pudding! Different styles of Sexy Santa costumes for ladies include gorgeous fitted tube dresses, strapless or halterneck outfits, flashy two-piece crop top, and skirt sets. There are also joyful Mrs. Claus costumes complete with hoods, flirty tutu skirts, and sophisticated corset styles with tie-up ribbons and more traditional long-sleeved robe or jacket like Sexy Santa Costumes too. Women’s Sexy Santa costume includes a matching Christmas hat, sometimes even lush long gloves or black buckled belts for a truer Santa Claus look! It is often decorated with sweet candy cane stripes, metallic ribbon trim and even mini Christmas bells, Women’s holiday Costumes are not only available in traditional red and white ensembles, but also twinkling silvers and glamorous greens, suited to fit all women in regular and plus sizes. Our extensive range of holiday costume is perfect for women of all ages and sizes, so whether you are looking to slide down the chimney in something super sexy with our women’s sexy Santa Costumes or are looking to entertain the kids in one of our comical Elf, or penguin, snow woman fancy dress costumes. We ensure to have something perfect to get you into the true spirit of Christmas. Sexy Holiday CostumeHurry up and get into the spirit of things and make this Christmas remember with our fantastic range of Christmas Fancy dress costumes for women. Deck the halls with boughs of holly because after all, this is the season to be jolly…. And sexy Santa costumes are coming to town.
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