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Work from Home? Have a Look at Cotton Lingerie!

04 Aug 2020
Cotton Lingerie
Working from home has brought in a host of changes, to your schedule, step count, and uniform alike. It is optional to get dressed for the new day unless you really want to, it is the perfect time to lounge in your breezy cotton lingerie innerwear, underwear, and pajamas count as workwear when running your office from home. If you really feel the need to change out of the clothing you slept in the night before, you can still utilize your cotton lingerie and sleepwear for work hours at home. The one caution is to make sure your voice only on any conference calls. Cotton bras offer snug support and are lifesavers; they are made of soft breathable cotton and are totally free of padding and underwires. A simple slip is an easy, elevated piece that can be styled with minimalist primaries like a button-down or tee. Camisoles styled with coordinating bottoms are also transitional main that while technically nightwear, can serve as a daytime alternative to your usual sweats. If your standard underwear doesn’t feel like it provides quite the coverage you are looking for, boxer briefs or loose bloomers are ideal to wear when working from the comfort of your home.

Here are key categories of cotton lingerie intimates that can add a little bit of luxury and softness to your work from home wardrobe.

Slip dresses:

Slip dresses Have the soft luxury of a silk slip dresses, cow neck slip dress with slit, in your working wardrobe. This staple is easy to transition from night to day and can be layered with relaxed staples. Ahead of a meeting, try throwing cotton button-down or a blazer on top.

Reversible T-shirt Bra:

It is super comfortable, wire-free cotton lingerie that has double layers for a no-show through look. It gives you soft cotton feel and has 3/4th coverage. Get your hands on all different color combinations and spend your work from home days in comfort and style!

Cotton Wire-free Bra:

Cotton Wire-free BraThis bra is every curvy beauty’s work from a home mate. It is made of 100% cotton and is perfect for staying indoors. Its wire-free, non-padded cups ensure seamless and pinch-free comfort all day long. Don’t miss the cute lace detailing in the front-you will never get enough of it! Go from work calls to nap time simply with this super comfy bra.


CamisolesCami’s are lightweight and can easily transition from sleepwear to work from home attire. You can even throw on a cozy cardigan for layering. You can even style your silk top with jeans instead of sweats or pajama pants, once you are ready to leave the house.

Full coverage whimsical bralette:

This whimsical striped bralette reminds us of ocean waves-soothing and calming. It is ideal for keeping you cool on hectic work from home days. Its specially designed cups offer full coverage to your breasts. Plus the cotton spandex material is soft and super stretchable for extra comfort. This bralette is double layered and wire-free, perfect for working uninterrupted from home.


KnickersHigh-coverage boxers or cotton underwear are great for lounging around during the day. No one will ever notice if you aren’t fully dressed in your Zoom meeting, so feel free to forgo pants.

Leisure coverage bra:

You will love working in this spandex bra. It is exactly like cotton candy all over and soft like a cloud. It has non-padded, molded cups for added support and goes simply under any top. Plus this bra is wire-free so you won’t feel the pinch while you are hard at work. Wear a comfy top and work hassle-free all day long.


Work from home attire wouldn’t be the same without stylish socks to keep your feet warm and cozy. While shoes may not be getting their usual mileage during this time, you can still style socks with slippers to finish off your relaxed look.

Super support bra:

If you are looking for extra breast supports trust this pastel super support bra to have your back. It is constructed with a unique 4-way support system, especially for full-figured women. This bra has double-layered cups and wire-free construction for a comfortable fit and incredible support. The cotton fabric makes this bra soft to touch and keeps you cool. Stay home; stay safe and productive in the most comfortable breezy cotton innerwear from
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