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Yoga pants, leggings, treggings, Jeggings? Confused, wait read this!

07 May 2019
leggings buy online
It is usually seen that girls complain about not having enough of clothing in their wardrobe. They complain about it because they do not get the right kind of leggings buy online for the right occasion and not have enough variety to choose from. Girls do get confused with the addition of the latest apparels in the market, whether be it top wear or bottom wear. They get confused with so many different options available and buy the things that are not required. This confusion occurs just because there is a lack of clarity about different types of top wear and bottom wear. For e.g. many girls are confused when it comes to spotting and explaining the difference between leggings and jeggings. There is nothing to worry about, read on to understand this difference.

Yoga pants

Yoga pantsYoga pants are form fitting pants designed for the practice of yoga and other physical exercise that involve a lot of movement, bending and stretching. They do not hug your entire leg and are made of material that stretches like Lycra and spandex. Pants are safe to wear they are usually worn for sports and physical exercise, martial arts, dancing, Pilates or aerobics.

Leggings Buy Online

LeggingsLeggings for girls are best comfortable, easy to move in outfit, if you don’t want to show some skin, there is a need to highlight your toned legs, Ankle length leggings buy online. It takes just 10 seconds to put on. They are ultimate in creating a remarkable fashion without the need to bare your body. It ranges from the classical monochromes to the printed structures, you’ll certainly get a lot of choices. Fashion necessities are very functional and fashionable to workout essential. They are made of thick, stretchy material. Try to wear cotton leggings buy online with a loose fitting top or a jacket that covers at least half of your bum and stick to dark colors. It can be paired with chunky knits and tall boots. Leggings should never be perfect finish at the ankle are pull on with an elastic waist. Buy leggings online from as they are versatile, always in style, provide far better coverage than a pantyhose and tights. Leggings buy online, with a confidence for wearing of clothing for every occasion. Leggings and tunics make a perfect fashionable legging combo and can be worn with dresses They are more comfortable and create a sleek, lovely shape.


TreggingsTreggings is a term supposed to describe trousers leggings, they appear to be leggings with thick material, elastic waist, finish at the ankle. It is the new addition to the family of bottom wears and can easily be bought online. The beauty of high waist treggings is that they look like your favourite skinny trousers, structured, with flattering seams. Buy women’s treggings online as they are chic trouser option for work. They have all the comfort and concealed waistband of your favorite leggings, you can fool anyone by pairing them with a blouse, great shoes and wear them to work. You can easily get in and out of them in a hurry with pull on and pull off styling. You can buy treggings online as they are perfect for weekends and comfortable to throw on boots. You can love wearing them with a long cardigan or cosy tunic, tall boots and a big travel mug for a Saturday morning. They are extremely comfortable and cab be best paired up with shirts and jackets.


JeggingsDo you know why printed jeggings are so popular this season? Even though jeggings are not the ideal formal attire, many people seem to wear jeggings to work and to party. Jeggings are replica of denim but are more comfortable and stretchable. They are skin tight and are made of thicker fabric. Jeggings vary in styles, designs and lends the wearer a slim look. Unlike the conventional jeans, jeggings are typically made of cotton or viscose, with a higher percentage of elastane or spandex. Jeggings make the wearer look stylish and comfortable, it can be paired with a number of different top wears ranging from tops, T-shirt and shrugs to Kurtis. Jegging are super simple and can be dressed up or made to look super effortless. Jeggings may not have front or back pockets but usually come with a waistband. Jeggings even have front or side zipper details, jeans don’t necessarily have a zip. A skinned jeans is always going to be thicker and less elastic than a pair of jeggings. That is why many people feels more comfortable in wearing jeggings.
  • If jeggings are allowed at your workplace, wear jegging with high heels, a blouse and a blazer, for a smart work look.
  • Wear jeggings with any colour of trainers. Denim blue matches every colour, so don’t be afraid to get creative.
Embrace the ultra-comfy jegging, choose styles with normal looking pockets, zip and fly and above all be sure to inspect for camel toe. Buy stylish, printed, denim, casual, designer leggings for women and girls online. Choose from wide range of collections from Now that you know about Yoga pants, leggings, treggings, Jeggings, all you need to do is pick the right one from Happy shopping!
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