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Popular Bra Myths - Let's Bust it!

16 Jul 2019
Bra Myths
You can’t imagine your life without a bra, essential undergarments for breasts that provide support. Bra myths are that we have believed in growing up. You don’t need to let these age-old bra myths keep your girls from getting the support they need. Find the right bra, wear that bra during the right time of the day or night, and wash that bra. Treat that bra like it deserves to be treated. Every day, all day long we all wear bras, so there is a lot of talk about bras dos and don’ts, how to take care of your bra. But what if everything we come to know about bras is wrong? Be it from relatives or bragging friends at sleepovers, many people thrive on bra myths.

Find the most popular bra myths busted!

  1. With a white shirt! You need to wear a white bra!
Bra MythsIt is something almost every girl has stuck with since school! A white bra would probably stick out worse than a dark color one. You need to go with shades closer to your skin tones like nudes, pale pinks or light browns. Many of us rely on light colored bras for white shirts or pastel hues. Bras facts: A white bra will be highlighted more under the white shirt. The outline of the bra can be seen and can create a blunder. Instead, go for a nude colored bra.
  1. Bra myths about sleep:
First, let’s expose common bra myths. There is no proof that wearing a bra increases a woman’s risk for breast cancer. The time women in the research center study wore a bra, with or without underwire, or at what age they started wearing a bra, did not affect breast cancer risk. Bras aren’t necessarily a major health concern, wear one around the clock may not be without unpleasant consequences. Wear a bra for prolonged periods of time can increase the chance of contact dermatitis, sweat that leads to a skin infection.
  1. Big boobs can’t help but spill over cups
Bigger boobs don’t mean you have to deal with boob spillage. Bra size fact is normal to have a little peek a boob on the side of your bra. It should not spill excessively over all sides of your cup. A lot of spillages is the result of wearing a cup size that is too small.
  1. Wearing bra makes breasts sag
Bra MythsDo bras make you sag? There is a bra myth that wearing bras causes breasts to sag. The women who wore bras their entire life had more sagging than women who didn’t, good support helps to prevent sagging, which is important to a lot of women. Skipping a bra too much will impact that.
  1. Wash bra once a month
There is a myth that you don’t have to wash your bra that often, but to be honest, your bra needs to be washed after every wearing, the dirt and oils from the skin can break down the elasticity in the fabric. Washing makes it free of the oils and germs that accumulate. It also depends on a woman’s personal hygiene and lifestyle. You need to take care of your delicates.
  1. Underwire bra can cause cancer
There is no scientific proof that a bra can cause cancer. Be it dark colors or underwire, there is no way that your bra can cause breast cancer. So ladies, feel free to wear your sexy bra every day of any color.
  1. Bras have a uniform sizing
There are no such bras size myths as an average bra size. You have hormones, you are aging, you lose or gain weight, and all of these things affect your bra size. Even a small weight gain or loss can affect your bra size. For years on a daily basis, it fit women for every size starting from A all the way up to J. Variation is the only thing that is consistent, giving zero validity to an average bra size. You don’t need to worry that you don’t measure up.
  1. The band offers more support
It is not the cups or the straps, but the bras' band that truly offers most of the support. You need to start with the activity you want to do when you are wearing the bra, usually, something less constricting for when you are going out, and a sports bra to support whatever activity you will be doing during the day’s work out. Download & Explore our Innerwear App for Android has a wide collection of latest lingeries now at your fingertips. Women Underwear store
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