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Why Period Underwear are must, Period!

05 Aug 2019
Period Panties
No stain, A bane, But the Pain That remains, drives us through the blood drain, still, they press our silent vein, Held her with a cane and an illiberal slain, Shhh it’s a talk crushed by the rein, Yeah it's our menstrual rain. One sheds blood to protect the world, the other sheds blood to generate the world, Both are warriors one at borders and other at beds. You may have entered into the world of cloth pads and menstrual cups, but is there still one important element missing from your feminine hygiene collection? Introducing: Period Underwear. Period Underwear may sound awkward to those who have never had any experience with them. You might be wondering, bleeding into panties? OMG no. Don’t worry, there is some seriously incredible technology that provides with wearable, comfortable panties that absorb liquid, seal in odor’s and keep us dry. Menstrual Panties are protective, makes things even better and aren’t ugly. They are also super easy to clean, ultra-comfortable and in general very functional undergarments. It is not a surprise that period underwear is becoming one of the hottest menstrual health topics. Women love what they have to offer.

The difference of best period panties from regular panties

Get leak-proof protection for heavy flow with period panties. They can be worn instead of a pad or tampon. Few brands offer panties with a kangaroo pocket in the front where you can put a heating pad to help with cramps. They offer more peace of mind against leaks than a standard pair of panties.

Period Underwear Benefits

Period Panties Benefits

Absorbent style

Period underwear comes in different absorbencies to fit your needs. With a thong, you might be able to hold around half a tampon’s worth of blood, whereas underwear with a larger gusset will hold more having fuller coverage.

Look for menstrual panties having multiple layers

Regular panties have one or two layers, whereas menstrual panties for heavy flow are specifically designed for menstruation so they will have multiple layers. The stacking pattern of the fabric on top of each other doesn’t necessarily make more absorbent panties if the fabric is not designed to hold menstrual blood.

Make traveling fun with disposable Menstrual Panties

Having a period during traveling or camping is never fun, dealing with pads and tampons along with suitcase or outdoor gear makes things more complicated. Disposable period panties can keep you worry-free. It has a built-in pad for up to 12 hours of protection. They absorb three times more liquid than any pad or tampon, their Spandex thread stays in place for a comfortable, curve-hugging fit. Best of it is when your day is over, you can toss them out and don’t have to deal with messy laundry or hand washing with these period panties. Period panties for heavy flow become more ingenious with their designs and their wide variety of styles and price ranges to choose. By investing in period panties you probably save some money on menstrual hygiene products because you don’t throw your cute undies away after you bleed into them. You wash them and they are ready to use once again. You can choose your size and style pick which technology you want moisture-wicking, quick-dry or patented built-in panty liner.

Best for Sports

Whether you are a competitive athlete, or a casual biker, or a gym rat getting your period when you are working out can hinder your style, and intense movement makes it more likely that you’ll have an unfortunate leak. Sport style period panties work with you while you are working out. The ultra-breathable cotton interior keeps you comfortable during your toughest workouts. Sports briefs have wide, comfort fit leg holes to prevent rub against when you are on the court or sweat it out.

Panty Prop Swimwear

A trip to the beach or pool is supposed to be carefree, keeping your tampons in check when you are in the water or lounging on the sand is no fun. Panty prop swimwear stops period stains from ruining your fun in the sun. They have absorbent liners with two layers of cotton and dry-tech mesh so you don’t have to worry about your period in the water. They can be used for days when you need extra protection. Having a period is not fun for anyone, so treat yourself with the right kind of period panties from that makes you feel more confident and trouble-free.
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