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Why you really need a nursing bra during breastfeeding?

26 Aug 2019
nursing bra
Are you pregnant or nursing, then do you think nursing bras are really necessary? Are you familiar with the discomfort and irritation of wearing your everyday pre-pregnancy bra? Maybe they just don’t fit well anymore or your favorite lace bras cause irritation. As unlike a nursing bra, which is designed for nursing women traditional bras do not have room for the diaphragm to grow during pregnancy and have a rigid metal underwire that is not recommended to wear during pregnancy or nursing. “If we wear our nursing bra backward like capes, then everyone can see we’re breastfeeding superheroes” A maternity bra is either soft cup bras or more flexible than a regular bra, and have six rows of hooks and eyes, unlike normal bras which have three. This allows room for the diaphragm to expand during the months of pregnancy and the ability to tighten after the baby is born and the diaphragm settles. Have a beautifully supported silhouette with comfort. Take a leap into the world of nursing bras! If you’re still confused or researching which are the best nursing bra to look out for, a renowned brand has a nursing bra in Australia that is perfect maternity bra for every occasion.

Avoid underwire bra

It is strongly advised not to wear underwire during pregnancy and early days of breastfeeding, as underwires place pressure on the milk ducts and soft, tender tissue, potentially blocking milk flow and lead to plugged milk ducts. It may cause nasty infections which require antibiotic intervention and interrupt your breastfeeding routine. Breastfeeding bra does not have an underwire, offers a Flexi wire with a contour cup, which is great for extra support and shape. You can wear these types of bras once your breastfeeding is better established. Most plus size nursing bra is technically designed to give you all the support that is needed. It is especially important for larger cup sizes. You need to make sure that maternity bras for large breast fit correctly, provides enough support and also give you a lovely shape. It is also necessary to check the fabrics. Ensure these are soft, breathable and also helps if the bra is cotton lined and they don’t rub allow your breast to breath. Cup pattern structure support your breast and make feeding simple.

We’ve jotted down a list of benefits of wearing a nursing bra instead of an ordinary bra.

nursing bra1. Skin feels tender and easily irritated.

The nipple area is sensitive and tender. It is important to make sure hot milk bras have either concealed seams or seams designed to avoid the nipple area thereby reducing the risk of chafing. Keep your fabrics natural and soft, so there is less chance of irritation and sweatiness. Use soft 100% cotton lining for ultimate comfort, support, and breathability.

2. Nursing Bra maintain the shape of the breast

One might be worried that the lack of a supportive underwire make the breasts sag. Use a restrictive wire will lead to the accumulation of fluids and soft tissue, making breasts lose their shape and sag. A nursing bra holds the breast in shape, ensuring the shape and feel of the breasts is maintained and minimize the effects of gravity in the long run.

3. Great for baby’s health

Breast infections may pose a threat to the baby’s health and welfare too. The nursing bra has an important part in ensuring that your baby grows strong, beautiful and healthy! Pregnancy can be challenging and wearing plain lingerie certainly doesn’t lift the spirits. Exquisite fabrics, laces, embellished with satin, bows make you feel sexy.

How is it to sleep in a maternity bra?

A good sleep nursing bra is seamless with double-layered cups, so you can wear it with or without nursing pads. They are suitable for sleeping in, should be super soft and stretchy to adjust with your breasts as they fill and empty with milk. Buy maternity bra between the first third to fourth months of pregnancy as it is a good time. You may also need to go for another fitting once your milk comes in and you are breastfeeding. The nursing camisole is also perfect for sleeping in and can be worn during the day as a normal top too. Buy maternity bra in Sydney from a reputed online lingerie store without any fuss for quick and easy breastfeeding. Maternity bras are now available in a range of styles, whether you are after a basic soft cup, a sexy lace number or a supportive sports one.
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